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Jun 05, 2024
The National Organization of Legal Services Workers, UAW Local 2320 (NOLSW) proudly stands in solidarity with UAW Local 4811. (click link to read more)
Jun 03, 2024

Our thoughts are with our SWC-UAW 2710 siblings following this May Day, after reports that Columbia University and the NYPD closed campus exits, confined students, including student journalists, to locked buildings, assaulted students, and arrested dozens of students for peacefully protesting for Palestinian Freedom. We are also in solidarity with the students and faculty at City College who were arrested on May 1. We further stand with our UAW 4811 and 4123 siblings and the brave students at the University of California and California State University systems demanding divestment from genocide and apartheid at their campuses. We condemn the violence against peaceful student protestors, including members of UAW 4811 at UCLA, by outside agitators. We disapprove of campus administrations’ shameful, reckless, and hypocritical failure to keep to keep students engaged in peaceful protests safe. After law enforcement and campus security did nothing to protect the students at the UCLA encampment, law enforcement violently raided the encampment the following night, further injuring students. To our knowledge, none of the agitators are being held accountable for their reprehensible conduct. NOLSW supports peaceful protests, and we condemn suppression of free speech and the use of violence, especially against our union siblings.

Apr 24, 2024
UAW Local 2320 (NOLSW) stands in solidarity with the students, workers, and demonstrators at Columbia University facing unjust arrest and reprisal for peacefully protesting their university’s complicity in Israel’s genocide in and continued illegal occupation of Palestine.
Apr 15, 2024
UAW Local 2320, the National Organization of Legal Services Workers (NOLSW), stands firmly in solidarity with our union siblings with UAW Local 2325, the Association of a Legal Aid Attorneys (ALAA) as they continue to be targeted for advocating for the human rights and dignity of Palestinians and supporting the Palestinian liberation movement.
Mar 08, 2024
Jonathan Tasini is an NOLSW member running for City Council in Portland OR endorsed by UAW President Shawn Fain and Region 6 Director Mike Miller. Local elections are incredibly important to building union power. Jonathan has received more Labor Endorsements than any of the other candidates! Let’s throw our support behind him.

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