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Vote for the America you want!
Updated On: Sep 11, 2023

Our country is at a crossroads, and the budget choices Congress makes this summer will shape the rest of our lives. Do we want a nation and a society that

  • Cuts taxes for the wealthiest families and corporations?
  • Bails out Wall Street and lets Main Street suffer?
  • Sharply reduces Medicaid, Medicare, and social programs?
  • Continues high levels of war spending?

Tell Congress which budget you think is best for America. The Senate is writing next year’s budget now. To cast your vote, go to

Want to do more?

  • Ask organizations you’re part of to join the Poll campaign. (NPN can put the poll right on their website or provide graphics for websites, Facebook pages and email messages that link to it.)
  • Help organize a Town Hall Meeting and bring this choice to your neighbors!
  • Check the New Priorities Network website ( to find out in which cities there are organizations participating in this poll campaign. (Please report to NPN if you know of an organization that is promoting the poll for which the city is not listed.)
  • For more information or assistance, write to


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