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What CAP does?
Updated On: Aug 228, 2008

    CAP helps register union members and their families to vote.

    CAP distributes the voting records of senators and members of Congress and helps union members learn about political issues so they can make informed choices when they vote.

    CAP endorses candidates on the basis of their voting records and their programs - not on the basis of their party affiliation.

    CAP conducts annual volunatry dollar drives and V-CAP checkoff soliciations asking each union member to contribbute to UAW V-CAP.  Federal law porhibits the use of dues funds as contributions to candidates for federal and for some state offices.

    CAP contributes to endorsed candidates for the U.S. House and Senate from funds collected in the voluntary dollar drives.

    CAP urges all union members and voting-age members of their families to vote.

    CAP organizers volunteer political work in states and communities.  Most volunteers are union members and their families who put in many hours of work on phone banks and in their neighborhoods.  They work to get union members registered to vote.  They discuss issues with voters, and they get out the vote on election day.

    CAP is involved in many local community projects to help bring about a better quality of life where UAW members work and live.

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