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NJC - January 27, 2024
Updated On: Jan 19, 2024

Hello Union Siblings:

It is once again time for the NOLSW National Joint Council. (NJC). The NJC is an opportunity to stay up to date with the union and to let your voice be heard regarding the direction of NOLSW. One of the agenda items for the NJC will be the discussion and vote on resolutions that have been submitted by our members.

To prepare for this agenda item, a Resolutions Committee is being formed. The Committee is made up of Pam Smith, NOLSW President, and one representative from each NOLSW Region.

This is your chance to get involved with your union in a different way. The Resolutions Committee is responsible for reviewing all the proposed resolutions and making sure that they fit the form and meet the deadlines for consideration. The Committee will meet once or twice in January before the NJC. Please read the attachment about resolutions to get a better idea of what the Resolutions Committee's duties are.

If you are willing to serve on the Resolutions Committee, please notify your Regional Vice-President, Regional Organizer, and NOLSW President Pam Smith with your willingness to serve by December 8, 2023. If you have any questions please contact Donis Borks at

Thanks for your consideration. In Solidarity,
Donis Borks
Regional Organizer, NOLSW

Registering for the NJC

All NOLSW members are welcome to join and participate in non-voting portions of the NJC. 

You are invited to register for NOLSW's 2024 National Joint Council Meeting on Saturday, January 27th, from noon to 4:00 pm (ET).  Registration will close at 8:00 pm ET on Monday, January 22nd. Please make sure to register on time as no requests to register will be able to be accommodated after Monday, January 22nd.  Confirmation of your registration is a manual process that needs to be done by staff, so please allow until Thursday, January 25th, before trying to follow up on your timely registration.   

When: Jan 27, 2024, 12:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Topic: 2024 NOLSW National Joint Council

Register in advance for this webinar:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar. This is a manual process and may take several days to process.  This is a busy time for NOLSW staff, so please be patient and do not contact the national office or your organizer before Thursday, January 25,th to confirm your registration.

Designating and Electing Unit Delegates and Voting Strength

While all members are welcome to join and participate in non-voting portions of the NJC, only designated voting representatives who have been elected by their unit to represent them will be able to participate in voting. Unit’s votes are weighted in proportion to the number of delegates to which the unit is entitled. The unit’s entire vote may be cast by a single delegate or may be split among the delegates. If the unit believes that its vote will be split for any issue, that unit must designate at least two delegates to serve as voting delegates.

Each local unit that is paying dues at the UAW dues rate of 1.44% is entitled to at least two (2) representatives based on the amount of dues it pays. The number of representatives your unit is entitled to have is included in the attached spreadsheet.

Although pre-contract units and units that are not in good standing are not able to vote, all NOLSW members are welcome to join and participate in the non-voting portions of the NJC.

The Chairperson of each local unit is, ex officio, one of the local unit delegates. In the event that a local unit has multiple unit chairs or a different leadership structure, that leadership team may designate one local unit delegate. The remaining delegates should be selected through a democratic process — soliciting nominations from the full unit membership and holding an election if there are more accepted nominations than seats available. If necessary, the election shall be by secret ballot, by a majority of those votes cast. Local units are urged to consider job title representation in the election of NJC representatives.

Because unit votes are weighted based on the unit’s dues and may be split by the unit delegates, we will need to know who the designated voting delegates are for your unit and how the unit is distributing the votes. If you anticipate that your votes will be split, you need to designate a minimum of two voting delegates. After delegates have been elected and no later than Monday, January 22 at 5 p.m., unit chairs must complete the 2024 NJC Delegate Vote Designation Form.

If this form is not completed, all the votes for your unit will be assigned to the unit chair or the unit chair’s designee.  Please note: If you are not in attendance and have not identified a designee or completed the delegate vote designation form above, your unit will not be able to vote. We want all units to be able to fully participate so please make sure you complete the Delegate Vote Designation Form. 

Bylaw Changes and Resolutions

Attached, please find the proposed NOLSW Bylaw Changes, as well as two resolutions submitted by NOLSW members for consideration, Resolution 1 is for NOLSW Sectoral Bargaining, and Resolution 2 is For the Liberation of Palestine. These Bylaw changes and Resolutions will be discussed and voted on at the upcoming NJC.  Please share and discuss with your members in advance of the NJC to help formulate your unit’s position. 

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